The first 100% free AI TTS service for Twitch

AI TTS Donations is a free and Open Source AI TTS service for Twitch (and other platforms). It's the first of its class, no subscription services, no additional add-ons, and no ads.

How It Works

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Features that are unrivaled compared to anyone else available.

Free to use
All features in AI TTS Donations are completely free. No fees, and no subscriptions. Simply download, setup, and use. No payments required at all.
Open Source
AI TTS Donations is completely open sourced under the 'GPL-3.0' licence. You can view the Source Code and contribute to it on the GitHub page.
1000+ Voices
AI TTS Donations is built using the APIs of and This means that you have access to THOUSANDS of public voices on BOTH of these websites, and your audience can use them to create amazing TTS messages.
Voice Effects
AI TTS Donations has the ability to add voice effects and sound effects to your TTS messages. Voice effects can allow your viewer to pitch up/down voices, add reverb, reduce quality, etc.
Sound Effects
Sound effects can add a variety of noises to your viewer's TTS messages. Your viewers can create amazing TTS messages using these features.

Frequently Asked Questions

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